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Mishma Stanislaus, Ph.D.

Researcher - Hydrogen Energy 


Being an environmentalist, Mishma has focused on developing her skills and qualifications to alleviate the socio-economic issues prevalent in the domain of climate change, sustainable development and energy economy. She started her research in renewable energy technologies at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, where she completed her Master’s and PhD. Mishma’s research topics focus on the sustainable production of hydrogen and biogas from various types of biomass. Dr. Stanislaus was also awarded the ‘Best Research Award’ for her Doctoral dissertation on bio-hydrogen production from aquatic biomass. Upon returning to India, she got involved with an initiative to help local women entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses. Her internship in Japan made her competent in supporting women entrepreneurs in setting up websites, social media campaigns, and marketing strategies for their respective businesses. With this experience, Mishma was also appointed as the Chief Global Communication officer for the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT), a not-for-profit organization that works towards creating a platform for entrepreneurs, start-ups and MSMEs.

Mishma believes that the environmental issues we face today, we face as a global community; so the opportunity to be part of a global team appealed to her. Hence, she joined SHERPA institute, a not-for-profit and is currently volunteering as a researcher and co-author for SDG 4, 7 and 13 Corporate Guidebooks. Working on sustainable development is her passion and at IISc she is striving towards bringing the SDGs to fruition through her involvement in the  ‘green’ hydrogen project. Her work at CGPL is focused on the characterization of hydrogen produced from biomass as per ISO 14687-2019. This involves working and maintenance of the state-of-the-art facility that has been setup at CGPL, for the characterization of bio-hydrogen. Mishma is also involved in overseeing activities pertaining to the end-utilization of bio-hydrogen in fuel cell, writing research proposals, report writing on current projects to various stakeholders and so on. Mishma is certain that the green hydrogen technology at CGPL, will play a huge role in the Indian hydrogen economy.




December, 2020 - Current

Research Associate -  Indian Institute of Science

  • Working on efficient hydrogen production products

  • Communication with multiple stakeholders


May, 2020 - May, 2021 

Chief Global Communication Officer (Hon.) - CIMSME/GCPIT

  • Responsible for creating and improving, networking among entrepreneurs in India and globally.

  • National and International event management


April 2018 - Nov 2020

Associate Director - R&D - ICTMAE

  • Provide required  feedback to R&D advisory board on  organization’s roadmap.

  • Utilize diverse knowledge of scientific research principles, practices and protocols in research projects.


August, 2017 - March, 2018

Foreign Research Fellow -  University of Tsukuba

  • Supervised research work and reviewed over 10 manuscripts which have been published.

  • Published research article on biohydrogen production in high impact-factor journal.


August, 2017 - December, 2017 

Intern - Sea Bank Corporation

  • Set-up a new market and business model for the start-up company

  • Designing website and creating online presence for the stratup



PhD - University of Tsukuba, Japan
2014 - 2017

Obtained Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in Biotechnology. Thesis topic: Study on the Effect of Pretreatment Methods of Aquatic Biomass for Improving Bioenergy Generation

MSc- University of Tsukuba, Japan
2012 - 2014

Obtained Dual Master's Degree (M.Sc.) in Bioresource Engineering and Expert Program in International Agricultural Research.

BSc - St. Joseph's College Arts and Science, India
2009 - 2012

Obtained Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in Biotechnology. Specialization in: Chemistry, Botany & Biotechnology.






Event Management




German (A1&2)

Statistical  Analysis 




Experimental Design 

Digital Marketing


Chromatogr- aphy

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